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Fixture construction

We develop, manufacture and assemble production-fixtures for BIW-production and even moreover. In doing so, our customers have the chance to influence significantly the orientation and later the execution of the fixture, if they like. In collaboration we develop a result, which bears up all requirements.

Prototype- and serial production clamping/holding fixtures

  • Fixtures to position and hold production-parts, while manual or automatic joining process for prototype-/ or serial production (e.g. spot-welding by manual gun or robot).

Measurement and checking fixtures

  • Fixtures and gauges for tactile or visual checking of production-parts for measuring machines or manual checking.

Assembly fixtures

  • Fixtures to position and hold production parts while manual or automatic assembling-process (e.g. Door to body).

Holding-fixtures for transport

  • Fixtures to position and hold production-parts while transport (e.g. robot-gripper or holding fixtures for belt-conveyor).